Data Sheets & Ordering Conditions

Data Sheets

General Information


MasterSeal 6 / MasterSeal 10 / MasterSeal O10

SuperSeal & RescueSeal S / EasySeal & RescueSeal E


Ordering Conditions


Please contact the distributor assigned to your region if you would like to find out more about our products and conditions of purchase, obtain offers or place orders.


Our enterprise is set up to meet the needs of manufacturers. We regret that we will be unable to process orders for single products. Exceptions here include zippers that are needed as prototypes or for purposes of testing.


Delivery time
Approximately 4 weeks from order placement on orders for consignments of up to 3,000 units


Payment modalities
Within Germany: Within 30 days / within 10 days (2% discount)
Outside Germany: Advance payment

Payable via bank transfer or credit card

We reserve the right to arrange alternative terms of payment in exceptional cases.


Minimum order volume per length
100 units; smaller orders (i.e. from 25 units) are subject to a minimum-order surcharge.


Minimum-order surcharge:
25 – 49 units 40%
50 – 99 units 20%


We offer discounts on orders of 1,000 units or more per length.


Over-delivery / under-delivery
All zippers are manufactured as specified in the purchase agreement. For this reason, delivery volumes may exceed or fall short of specified volumes by up to 5%.