Storage, Cleaning & Maintenance



  • Make sure to close TIZIP® zippers completely and taking care not to bend it for purposes of storage. The storage in an opened  position for long period will cause zipper bending. If this occurs, slight leaks are possible.
  • Keep the zippers clean and dry at all times
  • Avoid storing the zippers in excessively hot and humid environments
  • Proceed according to the FIFO (First In, First Out) method, whereby zippers are used in the same chronological order they were bought.



We recommend using a fine brush, as well as a mild detergent and water to clean all of our TIZIP® zippers. Do not use solvents or abrasives, as doing so may compromise their functionality.

Any debris that is caught between the teeth or coils of our zippers can have a negative impact on the sealing lip and thereby limit their sealing performance.

If you use your TIZIP® zippers for purposes of protecting persons and property, it is incumbent on you to check their sealing function before making use of them. This applies especially when the zippers have been exposed to debris.



The maintenance of our TIZIP® zippers may differ depending on the model in question.

If lubrication is necessary, make sure to use the original TIZIP® lubricant or a comparable product. Please also make sure to clean the zippers before undertaking to lubricate them.

Proper lubrication prior to use is crucial to the proper functioning of all TIZIP® zippers that require lubrication. A package of lubricant is included depending on the zipper version in question.

TIZIP® MasterSeal 6 / MasterSeal 10 / MasterSeal O10


  • The ports of zippers closed at both ends must be lubricated from time to time (e.g. after extended storage periods).
  • A lubricant is not necessary in the case of zippers that are open at one end or separated.
  • Depending on the exact model in question, MasterSeal zippers may come with or without a lubricated port.

TIZIP® SuperSeal / EasySeal


  • SuperSeal and RescueSeal S, as well as EasySeal and RescueSeal E zippers need to be lubricated along the interlocking elements and sealing lip.
  • We request all manufacturers to apply some lubricant to the interlocking elements and the sealing lips, then open and close the zippers across their full length at least 5 times after they have been incorporated into new products.
  • Proper lubrication is crucial for the functioning of our zippers!
  • In order to avoid subsequent processing problems, both of the above models are supplied without any lubricant along their chains.
  • To ensure proper lubrication, please follow the instructions in the relevant manual.

TIZIP® WaterSeal


  • For smooth operation grease our TIZIP® WaterSeal on occasion.
  • Please follow the maintenance instruction from our TIZIP® WaterSeal.