About us

TIZIP – made in Germany

Based on the outstanding qualities and promise of its TIZIP® brand, GDS GmbH & Co. KG was founded in the German city of Heilsbronn in 1998.


The development of waterproof and pressure tested TIZIP® zippers was enabled by a combination of innovative ideas and technical approaches.


The continuously growing enterprise now offers an extensive range of products for various market segments. All located at a single facility, the companyÔÇÖs various divisions include Development & Design, Mechanical Engineering, Production, and Sales & Shipping. Made in Germany quality guarantees outstanding TIZIP┬« zippers for the sports & recreation market, as well as other markets for rescue wear and industrial articles.


The TIZIP® brand stands primarily for durability and optimal functionality. Depending on the zipper type, its waterproof and pressure-resistant properties are secured via the pressing together of a sealing lip at the point of the interlocking zipper elements or via the pressing together of sealing lips above and below the zipper coils. Numerous TIZIP® features have been patented and are subject to continuous development in the process of identifying new and interesting areas of application.


Working directly from its base in Germany, TIZIP supplies garment makers and service centers throughout the world. International sales of TIZIP® products are supported by distributors based around the world


Designed & made in Germany


Development, production & quality from one source


Tailor-made zipper solutions


Sustainability along the entire supply chain


Quick and competent response to all costumer questions

Guiding Principle & Quality

Waterproof, airtight, pressure-resistant and made in Germany, TIZIP® zippers are innovative and specially designed for extraordinary applications.


The TIZIP® brand distinguishes itself via high-quality materials and outstanding waterproof performance. In order to meet the most demanding of requirements, our enterprise operates in compliance with the quality management standard ISO DIN 9001.


At both a national and international level, this standard constitutes the most important and widespread standard of quality management.


100% waterproof


100% airtight


100% pressure tested


100% ISO DIN 9001