Market launch planned in Quarter 1/2022

The TIZIP RepKit was developed with the aim to extend the lifetime of a MasterSeal #10 zipper after slider derailment or slider brake down at the acceptance of reduced water & air tightness.

As the design of the RepKit is protected by the German patent & trade mark office there’s a unique selling proposition, as defect zippers can be easily repaired instead of spending enormous time & cost for replacement.

Of course, the Repair Kit is not intended for subaquatic activities, diving or any engagement where the airtightness of the zipper is essential for personal security and health. To ensure the original tightness level, a complete replacement of the zipper is still required.

The RepKit will be launched in Quarter 1/2022 in the following versions:

RepKit 1
  • 1x Front Rep Cover
  • 1x Back Rep Cover
  • 1x Fixing Screw
  • 1x Rep Punch
  • 1x Rep Assembly Tool
  • 1x Rep Slider incl. Puller
RepKit 2
  • 10x Front Rep Cover
  • 10x Back Rep Cover
  • 10x Fixing Screw
  • 2x Rep Assembly Tool
  • 10x Rep Slider incl. Puller
Optional Accessories
  • 1x Torx Screwdriver
  • 1x Torx Torque Screwdriver