SuperSeal Update

Due to the demanding specifications of our customers, TIZIP decided to further improve the quality standard of the SuperSeal zipper.



The improvement is mainly  characterized by the modification of the pattern. In contrast to the former SuperSeal zipper, the modified pattern provides the following advantages to ensure improved production processing, durability, and tightness:


  • Optimized geometry
  • Increased textile reinforcement
  • Coated edges



  • The improved and updated pattern design will be implemented for all production purchase orders as of March 01, 2023.
  • Stocks of the SuperSeal with the existing pattern are limited and only available as while supplies┬á┬álasts.

SuperSeal Pattern (as of March 01, 2023)

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SuperSeal Pattern (existing)

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Hydrolysis Protection

now available !
MasterSeal #10