Durability is one of the key priorities for the TIZIP Brand and TIZIP’s premium waterproof & airtight zippers.

That’s why we are constantly investigating innovative ideas and technical improvements to achieve and build upon an already outstanding level of quality. A result of our drive for constant improvement is a major milestone towards extending zipper lifetime and reducing our environmental footprint. Introducing the brand new and patented:


Lifetime Extension Kit

The Lifetime Extension Kit for TIZIP’s MasterSeal #10 zippers allows a quick and simple solution to extend the durability of the gear you love. A key element to save waste, limited resources, and even extensive zipper replacement costs. Having a Lifetime Extension Kit to fix a waterproof & airtight zipper is therefore one of the most useful and essential tools you will ever have.


If the zipper separates, comes undone after fastening, the slider comes off the track, or even slider breakage, the Lifetime Extension Kit will ensure your TIZIP MasterSeal zipper is ready again – Whether you’re out in the wilderness, or on a rescue mission, the Lifetime Extension Kit can be used to keep your gear in action.


It is essential that the user verify the version of slider that is currently on the zipper that needs to be repaired (metal or polymer). For compatibility reasons, it is important to note that different versions of sliders are not interchangeable. The Lifetime Extension Kit is designed to be used with the same version of slider to ensure the best possible performance.


The Lifetime Extension Kit (LEK) is available as follows:

Lifetime Extension Kit  (LEK 1)
  • 2x LEK Front Cover
  • 2x LEK Back Cover
  • 2x LEK Fixing Screw
  • 1x LEK Punch
  • 1x LEK Assembly Tool
  • 2x LEK Slider incl. Puller
Lifetime Extension Kit (LEK 2)
  • 10x LEK Front Cover
  • 10x LEK Back Cover
  • 10x LEK Fixing Screw
  •   2x LEK Assembly Tool
  • 10x LEK Slider incl. Puller
Optional Accessories
  • 1x Torx Screwdriver
  • 1x Torx Torque Screwdriver

Hydrolysis Protection

now available !
MasterSeal #10