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Nov 14, 2021


We would like to inform you that our company will be closed from December 24th to January 9th for public holiday.


Orders and inquiries received during this time will be attended to after January 9th. Therefore, we would like to encourage you to place your orders for your next waterproof & airtight projects in good time, so we can match your needs with the upcoming holiday season.

Thank you & stay safe!

Dec. 24
Jan. 09

June-06, 2021


Newly launched and already a „must-have“ for superior travel bags, luggage and gear combining latest waterproof zipper technology and the utmost attention to quality and durability. The brand new member of the TIZIP zipper family completely designed and produced in Germany.


Discover the 2-slider version of the WaterSeal, which allows you to safely stow and transport your belongings, whether you are planning a hike in the mountains, holidays at the beach or just a business trip. Special lengths up to more than 20 m available.

WaterSeal (HH)

Mar-29, 2021


For more than 20 years, TIZIP® has stood for premium waterproof and airtight zipper systems, as well as for innovation, customization and made in Germany.

Thanks to the modular zipper design and flexible production processes, the increasing demand for customized industrial applications can be met at the highest quality level. In this regard, the WaterSeal zipper, made by TIZIP, is the ideal complement for protective covers, tents, rooftops, doorways, etc. and available in four different versions.


Recently, the WaterSeal was even produced in a total length of 75m (2953 inch). Probably the world’s longest waterproof zipper ever produced.

75 m

2953 inch

Dec-07, 2020


Whether special mechanical properties, customized geometries or designs, TIZIP has been a reliable partner for product-specific solutions for many years. In order to meet the increasing demand for customized zippers and components in a wide variety of specifications such as length, width, desired color and special functionalities, TIZIP products are mainly produced to fit the individual customer’s needs and specifications.

In addition to these customization possibilities, TIZIP also offers a standard program for special industries and applications. Based on the known requirements and the proven MasterSeal #10 zippers, the TIZIP standard program has consistently been further developed. As a result, starting January 1st, 2021, we’ll be offering an interesting and extended selection of water- and airtight MasterSeal #10 zippers. In addition to a one hundred percent leak-proof guarantee, the standard program offers the following advantages:

  • Extended choice of different geometries, designs & functionalities
  • Short term delivery of stocked quantities
  • Saving of surcharges for very small quantities


Please fell free to contact us at any time for further information and inquiries. Stay safe!



Apr-01, 2020


Due to the demanding specifications of our customers TIZIP decided to improve the quality standard of the MasterSeal bottom stop based on the comprehensive technological expertise of our highly qualified specialists and engineers. The modification of the new bottom stop “V8” is characterized by two small cavities on the front and back side instead of the previous half-cycle notch. Based on this innovative design modification the processing as well as the performance of the bottom stop is more reliable and tight.


On April 1st 2020, the new bottom stop “V8” was official launched and will now be installed in any TIZIP MasterSeal zipper (versions „both sides closed, one side open). In addition to the recently innovated and improved components such as slider, chain and tape the TIZIP MasterSeal zipper ensures an outstanding level of physical performance and durability.


That’s why TIZIP® MasterSeal zippers are used in almost every industry application by market-leading companies.



Jan-31, 2020


The expansion of the new TIZIP production and administration complex starting in March 2020 will enable the company to meet the tremendous demand of its international clients.


New production machines and highly specialized and optimized processes developed by in-house experts will secure the company’s capacity and product quality of customer-specific, performance and design orientated zipper solutions.


Jan-14, 2020


After continued research and development TIZIP launches a new design-orientated generation of waterproof submersible zippers that combines sophisticated layout options with cutting edge materials, functions and manufacturing processes.

Designed and built specifically for military, hunting, rescue & outdoor activities for an unmatched level of customization, long term durability and ease of use.

Get your start at the upcoming trade shows: Learn the great opportunities and outstanding advantages of TIZIP zippers and how they fit to your next next waterproof or airtight project.


At TIZIP we work on new innovations, creative concepts and exiting research projects – all to make your product performance better.