Hydrolysis Protection

Aging of Materials – A Widespread Challenge

The aging behavior of TPU-coated, waterproof zippers has been a significant focus of TIZIP’s product development for decades.

It has been mostly analyzed that TPU coating material failure, characterized by swelling, cracks, or delamination, is caused by aging (moisture, temperature, microorganisms, etc.), known as hydrolytic degradation processes. Despite various handling precautions contributing significantly to minimizing hydrolytic degradation, TIZIP has now developed a optimized TPU coating material that eliminates the typical aging behavior of TPU-coated zippers in the long term.


Solution – MasterSeal #10 with Advanced Hydrolysis Protection

Especially in the watersports sector, where waterproof zippers are exposed to constant moisture, the new MasterSeal #10 hydrolysis protection represents a significant advantage compared to conventional, short-lived products.



Discover the great opportunities and outstanding advantages of TIZIP’s hydrolysis protected MasterSeal #10 zipper, how it fits and significantly extends the lifespan of your next waterproof or airtight project.


Optimized TPU coating material with superior durability and resistance to hydrolysis and delamination.


Depending on the configuration, TIZIP's MasterSeal #10 provides the highest level of water and airtightness for polymer zippers globally available.


As usual, the hydrolysis protected zipper material can be welded to Ester based TPU coated fabrics. In contrast, PVC is not chemically compatible for directly welding with the Hydrolysis protected zipper. Therefore, PVC has to be glued to the Hydrolysis protected zipper material. As an option, an intermediate layer can be used:

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Updated Standard Zipper Program

On May-01 2024, the new “hydrolysis protection feature” has been launched to all MasterSeal #10 versions that are included in the standard zipper program. Brands, factories and consumers are able to visually identify the new “hydrolysis protection” marked on the zipper tape:
1) wording “HYDRO” on the end stop (backside).
2) embossed lines along the zipper tape (back & frontside).

Non Standard Zippers

For MasterSeal #10 zippers not included in the standard program due to individual configurations, the “hydrolysis protection” can be chosen as an option. ‌In the coming months, TIZIP will also be launching the “hydrolysis protection feature” as an option for the MasterSeal #6 and SuperSeal zipper.


To learn more about this important improvement please get in contact with your TIZIP’s sales team.

Hydrolysis Protection

now available !
MasterSeal #10